Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to scare a man!So Funny!

From a survey of the newspapers, the Top Ten most powerful “men-expellers” in the history of fashion appear, in order:

1. wedges and elephant platforms, judged terrifying
2. clogs, horrendous even on a beautiful woman
3. flip-flops are to be tolerated only on the beach
4. harem pants seem to erase any erotic instinct
5. ballerine/flat shoes make you a dwarf
6. dark nail polish, because it gives the idea of dirt
7. white socks with sandals and moccasins, it is against any temptation
8. all the androgynous and boyish repertoire, above all the tie, to burn totally
9. cooked wool is dreadful
10. mutton boots, horrible and anti-female
11. tattoos, specially on the back-side prohibited by law

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