Saturday, December 29, 2012


Red is hard to wear, is a color that attracts a lot of attention and the risk of become vulgar as I often see around is very easy. But there are exceptions as always, ultra chic exceptions that only a good taste can justify. After all, even a lobster can be so elegant in red with the right accessories.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Abstract Surreal Optical Illusion

Since always fashion matches with art and  it always brings a perfect combination, one inspired by  the other resulting in unique creations that can not capture us.Giovanna Battaglia shows it off on W with an editorial, such as the latest optical campaign by Louis Vuitton, Nicholas Kirkwood on a loafer, Prada plays with a thin abstraction and Bande des Quatres is inspired by the geometry of the Bauhaus masters and architects.

Black + Leather

Ok, for many people the holidays are over,it's time to return to work and into our uniforms, maybe with a nice pair of leather pants, as much better if they are super tight, with or without heels you will have a glam rock appeal, something necessary if you still feel the lazyness of the latest holidays.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Be Brilliant.Be Sparkling.

How nice is discover that even a banana can be incredibly glamorous! So then be brilliant and be filled with huge, giant stones that make you shine, or maybe just a small detail in a nail, just remember the important thing that even when you overdo it, always keep it with style, we love the real  luxury, not cheap sequins on mini dresses at shopping malls....

Chanel Mon Amour.

Iconic images from Chanel campaign, classic references and the unique touch of the Maison, playing with black and white and flashes of color the result is a pure and timeless elegance.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Internet, food, gifts rest and relax at home with my family, texting friends all over the world, scented candles everywhere and hours spent in front of the Christmas tree looking at the many variations of the lights, in short, one of those pleasant days you would never end!

An Exceptional Christmas

Dior presents a fantastical shoot for its latest catalogue starring Nimue Smit. The Dutch beauty poses for Koto Bolofo’s lens in dreamy images featuring the designs of Raf Simons with lots of flowers, oversized props and butterflies.


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